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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are John McCain's Press Aids Afraid Of Something?

It seems that Brooke Buchanan and Nicolle Wallace - McCain's senior press aides - have issues with how reporters are "setting up shots" for interviewing the presumptive Republican nominee. What exactly are they afraid of? Considering John McCain is more apt to shove his foot in his mouth ( and not particularly care about it ) his press handlers are apparently starting to stumble under the pressure.

markkraft ( a commentor at the Huffington Post ) provides some background regarding Ms. Wallace:

Nicolle Wallace did work as Bush's White House Communications Director, but left in 2006 to work for CBS, where she parrotted White House talking points. That means, mathematically, that she did not work in the White House for seven years, as she claims.

Nicolle Wallace also worked for Jeb Bush as his press secretary, and has longstanding, close ties with Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, George Bush, etc. She played a key role during a time when the White House was accused of staging press conferences with planted questions, punishing people in the press corps, floating lies and misinformation, etc.

Here's the wiki article on her.

The reporters that are a little more than displeased with McCain's press-gestapo are Mike Owens of NBC (KSDK), Mike O'Connell from CBS (KMOV), and Charles Jaco - who works for a Fox affiliate (KTVI).

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