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Monday, July 21, 2008

McCain Needs A Geography Teacher

Last night, I was at my local Wal-MArt buying some groceries for the week, and I noticed an 'endcap' with globes for sale: $15.00.

They were actually rather nice, with raised releif mountains, various colors that easily sepereated states and nations, longitude and latitude points, lots of great things that enhanced an already basic educational tool.

It appears that John Mcain could use a geography lesson.

Think Progress and Huffington Post have the video up.

Now, some might claim that "oh, it's just a little mistake", but there's far more at work here than most would soon realize. Both John McCain and Barack Obama are trying their best to get the same job. McCain's one and only point that he can make against Barack Obama is that he has "more" forein policy experience.

But, when you make such a blatant error on what is basic, elementary geography, the American voting public start to think that perhaps you really don't know as much as you are pretending you do.

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