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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whoopi vs. Hasselbeck On Racism

Whoopi, who earlier in the broadcast had used the n-word repeatedly, sending the censors into overload, argued that the word is only as powerful as a society allows it to be and advocated for using the word to give it new meaning. Elisabeth, meanwhile, felt that she couldn't teach her children not to say the word if her black co-hosts and their children were using the word, arguing that, "we don't live in different worlds."

Click here to see the video.

What is it about race relations that Hasselbeck doesn't understand?

I'm not really a fan of Whoopi Goldberg, but she is more right than she knows when she tells Elizabeth that they are - in fact - living in two different worlds.

It appears that this consistant stream of tears that she conjures up whenever she is challenged are merely used to create the illusion that she is compassionate. It's nothing more than a defense mechanism.

To me, this seems to be nothing but an audition for her to get on Hannity and Colmes. She knows that discussing "racial issues" with Hannity will be much more to her advantage.

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