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Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Didn't Catch It Either, But We'll Pretended Like We Did

Conservative trick #5473 for pretending that you are smarter than your opponent: when something turns out to be a fake and someone reported on it, then reported on it being fake, just pretend you knew it all along.

That seems to be the M.O. today @, Snappedshot, LGF, and other neo-con blogs.

Yes, one of the pictures released by Iran's Sepah News was apparently photoshopped to include and additional missle. And since several major US media outlets didn't catch it until earlier this morning, the conservative bloggers are having digital orgasms over it.

Seriously though, what story is more important: Iran Test-Fires Missles - or - Media Outlets Discover One Iranian Pic Was Photoshopped?

But, conservatives will be disappointed to know that the NEW YORK POST ( owned by conservative-media-mogul Rupert Murdock ) and it's website used the photo. The fact that the photos have been revealed to have been 'altered' have lead to virtually everyone that initally ran the photo to quickly update their pages.

The real story is that Iran test fired missles - and EVERY news outlet was all over this story yesterday. The fact that one of the pics was altered is only playing big with conservative outlets.

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