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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tony Snow Is Dead - Conservatives Have A New Stick To Beat People With Now

The question comes to me more often than not - why is honesty punished while 'pretending' to be so is rewarded?

Pretty simple question that can be used in varous situations.

This time, we see the question manifest itself at the time of Tony Snow's death.

It is not suprising in the least that many conservative blogs have - and will continue to use - the occassion of his death to besmirch, smear, and do everything but deficate on anyone and everyone with opposing political viewpoints who don't stop what they are doing and say something positive about the man.

You see, this is where conservatives and everyone else differs.

Personally, I don't expect someone to say something ( anything ) nice about someone who has died that I may have admired. It's foolish to act this way, but this does not stop conservatives from doing so.

When Tim Russert passed-away last month, I was saddened a bit. This was not because I knew him or his family. The sadness came from the knowledge that the American media had lost someone with whom objectivity, honesty, and integrity had rested. Russert's job was not to 'spin' the statements and actions of whatever administration he was reporting on, he was - in the purest sense of the word - a journalist, and a damn good one at that.

So, why should I feel sad that Tony Snow has died?

Losing anyone to cancer is horrible. It is - in my mind - a disease that modern medical science as not struggled with hard enough in order to find a cure. But, this discussion isn't about cancer, or treatments versus a cure, this is about those in the conservative movement that expect you to act a certain way because they are.

I have lost 2 immediate family members to colon-cancer, so I know the anguish that family go through. I will never dispute what Snow's family has had to endure. What disgusts me are people that use the death of Snow ( or any within their ranks ) to create this aura of 'moral superiority', of 'patriotsm', or they claim that - by some bizarre spiritual transfer or osmosis - a spectral part of Tony Snow that has remained in this plane of existance in order to lambast your for not expressng a condolance in the form that he requires.

Surely there were conservative bloggers who knew the man, who may have called him a friend. But the average conservative commentor on the internet only knew Snow from television and radio. Their statements devolve into Crockeresque eulogies of a man whos primary job it was to create a sense of 'good will', 'honesty', 'integrity', and 'knowledge' around one of the most inept and corrupt administrations in my lifetime.

He was the primary guest-host for Rush Limbaugh's radio program from the mid-90s, hosted "Fox News Sunday" on the Fox"News" channel from '96 until 2003, and also had his own radio program on Fox"News" Radio. He was, by all accounts, a devout servant of the conservative-right. This, amongst several other reasons, is why he became George W. Bush's press secretary. This, if for no other reason at all, is why he is remembered by those the conservative movement - he towed the line.

It is easy to see why so many within the conservative movement would react the way they have been to Snow's death. They do it not-in-so-much as they feel loss, saddness, anger, or emptiness. They do it out of the reflexive nature of who they are. They have their weapon-of-the-moment. That weapon is the freshly-dead corpse of Tony Snow. And rest assured, they will get as much traction out of this man's departed soul as they can until something else breaks the news-cycle - or they just get tired of talking about him.


Anonymous said...

Guess what, asshole? Despite what your profile says, you ARE an uneducated redneck, and you do let other people tell you what to your case, the puppet masters at DU, Daily Kos and MoveOn. You're as much a moron as those other Kentucky hicks who built the cretard museum. Why don't you do the world a favor and kill youself? Not only would it be a better place without a whining retard like mucking it up, since you don't have sympathy for anyone beyond your immediate family, why anyone care about you?

aironlater said...

Gotta love it when people like this decide to post comments. The shear comedic value of this is too priceless to miss.

The rampant grammatical errors aside, whomever this is, they obviously needs some warm milk and the latest episode of Hannity's America so they can assume that all is well in his/her world.

Fuckin classic.

Jillene said...


I wanted to see if my hunch was correct about how the KOS crowd was going to handle the news of Tony Snow's death. Wow, I was right, typical left hater. My God what are you going to do after Bush is out of office. Where will you put all of this bile in your stomach. Take a breath and let the death of someone, even your political foe, pass in the peace and quiet that they deserve.

Shame on you.

aironlater said...

Well, considering that you brought it up, I do blog at DailyKos - very observant of you. I would assume - not a typical practice for me, mind you - that you are either someone from FreeRepublic or Redstate or maybe one of Malkin or Ed Morrissey's easily-lead automatons. When Bush leaves office, I'll have a pint to celebrate and keep a watchful eye on politics like I always do. If I see something I don't like, I'll voice my opinion. Doesn't matter who is in office, if they are wrong, they are wrong. If you had actually read my post, you would know that it is about conservatives that use Snow's death as a weapon. Please, try to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Tony Snow was probably not a bad guy. There were many people that said really good things about him so he must have had some good qualities. However, his politics were closed minded and he was a "company man". He said what he was told to say and had no orignality. He walked the line and it was had to respect someone with out an original thought. Snow was a mouth piece for the GOP and it is hard to believe that he actually believed the things that he said. He seemed smarted then that.

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