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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Is A Liar: Example # 4567

Facts don't matter to the conservative media.

They certainly don't matter to Bill O'Reilly. They distract too much from his version of reality. He's made millions for years by keeping his audience as ignorant as possible.

Last week on The Radio Factor, Bill dropped this whopper of a lie to a caller from Orlando, Florida:

( you can listen to the exchange on his show here )

And look, you're right that you have to have a sane environmental policy when it's 25 miles offshore that no one'll see and you've got technology that will prevent pollution.

Remember when Katrina hit, none of the oil rigs spilled in Louisiana. So we have the technology. And in Norway, which is one of the most green countries in the world, they drill offshore, and it's a self-sufficient country now.

If you don't bother to actually check these alleged "facts" for yourself, you'd start to believe that they were true. I mean, if O'Reilly and a ton of other people on Fox"News" started saying the same thing, it must be true, right?

Not really.

The above chart ( that details the oil spilled due to hurricanes Rita and Katrina ) came from a report prepared by Risk Management company DNV.

There were 70 spills from oil platforms that resulted in a combined volume of approximately 5,552 barrels of oil and petroleum products, and 27 spills from platforms and rigs that resulted in the spilling of what would amount to 2,843 barrels of petroleum.

Not a drop, O'Reilly?

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