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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Movies That Make You Think : v1.2 Loose Change

I'm not really into the whole "the government was behind 9/11" conspiracy theory.

But, let me preface this blog with this - there are several events of that day which ( hindsight being the perpetually clear-eyed bastard that it is ) tells me that something still isn't right. Something is still missing. I often feel like I have been lied to.

There are several moments in the film that suggest a sinister plot within the Bush administration. I find that highly unlikely, as they are ill-equiped to handle something on such a scale as the events of Sept. 11 2001.

However, there are several topics within the film that require further investigation.

But, who knows if Americans will ever know why so many people died, why so much covered-up from the start, why two planes were literally vaporized, why the Bush administration denied requested for an independant investigation. And more questions than most American may care to ask.

It's not wrong to question these things. The true sin would be to ignore them.

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