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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

McCain Doesn't Like It When Veterans Point Out His Lack Of "Support"

This is what happens when people like John McCain - who claim to give "support" at every turn - are asked the questions that the media-at-large are not asking.

McCain, for some reason, see fit to attack Sen. Webb - who created the updated GI BILL - for his "support". Fucking amazing.

The questioner asked a specific question regarding McCains voties against expansion of healthcare benefits to veterans for the years 2004-2007. McCain didn't seem to like that at all and reminds the guy about who has "endorsed" him.

AHiddenSaint at DailyKos has a great list of links that show McCain's record that he seems desperate to deny.

Here's another video of a vet that questions McCain.

So, the quesiton is - are these veterans two of the phony soldiers that Rush Limbaugh was talking about? Granted, within the "context" of Rush's diatribe, the discussion was in reference to "withdrawal" of forces. But, he didn't appear to be too convincing as to whom he was really talking about.

Once again, Republicans "support" the troops "over there" so they don't have to "support" them when they come home.

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