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Monday, July 7, 2008

"Yellowcake" Sold To Canada By Iraq - Conservative Bloggers Go Crazy ( Oops )

Seems that the good-old-boys ( and girls ) at got a bit ahead of themselves when they heard that Iraq sold Canada some NON-WEAPONS-GRADE "yellowcake".

It appears that when George W. Bush, the CIA, and Tony Blair said that Saddam Hussein had yellowcake uranium, which was a violation of the UN resolution after the Gulf War, and one of the reasons why the USA and UK invaded Iraq to start the war, they were speaking the truth. 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium was found recently in Iraq, that Saddam had hidden for over five years from UN weapons inspectors, and sold to Canada recently. Reported by Brain Murphy of the Associated press at ABC News. Yahoo has a copy of the story at their news site as well.

I am trying to submit this to Slashdot despite their liberal bias there. Please help with the story.

Daniel De Groot at Open Left has more.

If you check into this, you'll quickly find that the uranium a) was not weapons grade and b) was well known to the UN and IAEA and was being stored legally by Saddam's government. It was legally in Iraq according to international law.

I wondered if the right wing echo chamber would use this as "proof" that the WMD claims were true after all. I got even better than I hoped, as not only do they use it that way, but they reveal how dishonest they are by the way they have done this.

This was "yellowcake" that was cataloged in pre-1991 documents and the US knew that Iraq had it. Wow, there is nothing funnier than a righteously ignorant conservative blogger.

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