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Monday, July 7, 2008

Michelle Malkin Doesn't Understand 'Reporting' or Using Military Service As A Shield

What is it with the lunatic-fringe conservative bloggers and their inability to understand what it is to 'report things'.

In her latest knee-jerk blog, Malkin insists that CNN is clueless for mentioning that Col. George Everett "Bud" Day was one of the "swiftboat veterans" that advocated against John Kerry in 2004.

So, my question is this - why does that make CNN clueless?

Well, let me borrow a word that Malkin and her jack-booted compatriots like to use - "nuance".

Col. Day appeared in a documentary that was seperate from the initial "swiftboat" campaign against John Kerry. Later, the two came together to create an ad. This is where Malkin and others, like Powerline's Scott Johnson, don't seem to understand that the reporting on Col. Day is correct.

You see, when anyone within the conservative ideological realm wants to make a point about someone on the left, they connect them with no proof of virtually no proof at all. This is where they are beaten at their own game, only this time there is proof.

Col. Day WAS a part of a "swiftboat" ad against John Kerry. His service, his comendations, and his "heroism" was never questioned.

Yep, there he is on the left.

And, if you check the website for the "swiftboat" veterans, the ad is still there.

Col. Day aligned himself with the "swiftboat" veterans, there is no denying that. Michelle Malkin can't understand things like basic reporting. There's no denying that either. Michelle Malkin will use someone elses military service - provided that it benefits her - as some sort of protective coating in the hopes that no one will question her.

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