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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sean Hannity : So Easily Led, Even John Bolton Can Drag Him Around

I can't stand Sean Hannity. Anyone with half the amount of arrogance that he displays on a normal day would get my knickers in a pinch. But, Hannity is just a breed all his own. To call him "sycophant" is to give sycophants a bad name.

He's the guy that ALWAYS is eager to point out a 'flip-flop'. No, not the footware of choice for beech-goers in the summer, but what normal people would call a 'change of heart due to realizing that you made a bad choice to begin with'. That kind of 'flip-flop'. It's pretty much the favorite word in the Fox"News" lexicon.

But, this is just too hillarious. Have you ever seen someone pivot from one side to another so fast?

Did you catch it?

It's too good to miss.

you can feel Hannity going, "Oops, I didn't expect him to say that. Gotta recover. What was it that Reagan used to say?"

But, one can't help but get dizzy from the spin that is coming from John Bolton. More on that later.

Fucking classic.

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