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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Someone Needs Some Learning

A recent highlighted article over at Fox"Nation" ( that bastion of good will, American spirit, acceptance ) asks the question - "what have the tea-parties learned this year"?

I would ask the same question.

For starters, they have likely learned that spell-checking their picket-signs is probably a good idea. They learned that gathering people together in Washington and around the country is a lot easier if you have an astoturfing organization bus you in. I would like to think that they learned that the 9/12 march on DC really didn't grow to the alleged 1.2 million people that Glenn Beck claimed it did. And more than that, I would hope they learned that Beck isn't much of a tea-party leader as he literally "phoned-it-in" from the studio on that day - he didn't even bother to show up.

Then again, I'm guessing that they didn't even learn that. Come to think of it, the tea-baggers really don't "learn" anything, they simply accept what they are being told as gospel truth. That's what it means to be a tea-bagger - to blindly follow every statement no matter how preposterous, how ridiculous, nor how conspiratorial. Learning seems to be something that is beyond their capacity, and that is unfortunate.

So what have learned from the tea-baggers this year? Aside from the fact that they are mere sheep, we have gleaned a wealth of knowledge regarding the power of conservative media and what it does to the national conversation. It does, without equivocation, destroy the very ability for many to exercise any form of intelligent conversation. "The Mob" as they like to refer to themselves, are being controlled, molested, and contorted into creatures of reflex, not reflection. And we will continue to learn from them and hope that one day they will be able to learn for themselves.

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