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Monday, December 7, 2009

Political Prayer

Why does this not surprise me?

And while this notion of "lets pray on it and see what happens" has done so well for us in the past, the comment at the beginning of this clip where Palin talks about how leaders should be humble and realize that they don't have all the answers reminds me of what then candidate Obama said during the Rich Warren/Saddleback debates last year. Remember his comment about "when does life begin" and how that was "above his pay grade? Conservatives were literally falling over each other to use that soundbite in a completely alternative context. In reality, he was saying what all intellectually honest people have said at that point - that it's not for them to decide.

But that's another subject to tackle all together, as the wingnuttinest of conservatives will always claim to have the answers. So, in that regard, Palin is simply playing to the crowd with that bit of blathering.

Palin's attempts at convincing people that, "if we would only just pray a little more that it will all get better", reminds me of Christian Scientists that will refuse to carry their sick children to the doctor when they are sick and prefer to sit around their bed praying as their child dies. It's another manifestation of Palin's inability to articulate a point that shows she has even a tiny shred of leadership qualities.

So to that end I say that Palin should go right on praying and we'll see how far her prayers go when the nation desires action over superstitious rituals. After all, this was the woman who was blessed by a witch-doctor.

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