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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Climate Of Conservative Thought: Pt II

Each day while sifting through all the tweets from the reactionary prattlings of the conservatives I follow on Twitter ( who really hate it when facts are presented to them ) it amazes me that so many are latched onto the faux-controversy that is "Climategate"!!! *queue scary music*

And while some of the biggest lies are some of the biggest talking-points out right now, I have to wonder just briefly what this whole storyline would look like should Al Gore not have any part to play in it. After all, that's essentially what this boils down to.

What really makes these people so eager to deny science - aside from the fact that Al Gore is a tangentical character? Do they think that pumping pollutants into the atmosphere isn't going to cause any problems at all? If that's the case, when do we get to start dumping the used oil from our cars on their front lawns? After all, pollutants don't damage the earth.

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