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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say You Want A Revolution

There’s a lot of talk coming from some of the more fringe elements of the conservative movement – which is literally growing to such a recognized proportion that they are literally splitting the GOP in half – that a revolution is brewing in this country. More often than not, these are merely empty strings of words laid out before a mouth-agape audience that is willing to believe anything that will partially validate their willful ignorance and twitching rage that they have nurtured since election day last year.

Within these reams of prattling, there are blended subsets of conspiratorial rhetoric and pseudo-intellectual rationale that create the illusion that these viewpoints are becoming more mainstream than radical.

Charles Krauthammer is one of those voices.

I think the question should be posed – do these people really want a true revolution? Sure, it’s a great sounding talking point and is a fairly reliable morale booster amongst the tea-bagger set, but when it all comes down to it, they lack the courage of their alleged conviction.

The problem with talk like this is that a tea-baggers idea of revolution is nothing more than standing on the Mall in front of the Capital, carrying misspelled signage, and shouting about how liberties and freedoms are being taken away without the ability to back these assertions up with facts. The real revolution that these people are calling for is for someone to step in and resort to violence that they seem to so eagerly clamor for.

If there is ever going to be any type of “revolutionary” action, it will be perpetrated by some radicalized member of the tea-bagger set that will charge into some government building and start shooting people, regardless of who they are.

But back to Krauthammer’s fear-laden thesis of how the EPA is somehow bypassing Congressional power in order to dispense mass regulations that will ultimately cause people to be cast back into the Stone-Age is something that the fringe conservatives can easily latch onto.

Not once has anyone said or even hinted that any forthcoming regulations would mandate that you can’t drive the car of your choice, have a home in the country that uses wood-burning furnace for it’s primary heat source, or that your job will be taken from you. None of these things need to be said because the modern conservative movement has been conditioned to fear, to hate, and the expect the worse from anyone that doesn’t have an ( R ) after their name.

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