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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Catch, Release, And Whitewash or Huck Get's Handjob From Hack

Upon learning that former Governor and alleged Christian Mike Huckabee granted clemancy to Clemmons, the man that killed 4 police officers in Washington state, I started to wonder how long it would take for Fox"News" to rub salve on this freshly opened wound.

It didn't take long:

One can't but realize that this is a veritable Willie Horton moment for Mike Huckabee and a bitter end to any would-be Presidential aspirations in the future. And Huckabee's clemmency that really isn't anything new. There was even an ad about it during the campaign.

But back to O'Reilly soft-peddling the issue here. There have been multiple instances where judges were ambushed outside of homes, getting out of vehicles with family in tow, or even leaving the local market where one of O'Reilly's mouth-agape droogies was more than willing to shove microphone and camera in face and level multiple questions - often irrelevant ones - and never allow the person to answer. Huckabee was not treated in this fashion. He was allowed a platform to excuse his complete lack of judgement.

And for once, the reactionary voices of the fringe conservative movement are making at least a moderate amount of sense this morning:

Huckabee got softball treatment on O’Reilly. He blamed other prosecutors and judges while downplaying his ill-considered judgment. There was no discussion of Huck’s long, controversial record on mass clemencies that resulted in more innocent victims of brutal crimes. And O’Reilly unbelievably praised Huckabee for his openness in explaning clemency decisions — which should cause the entire state of Arkansas to shake in derisive laughter and revulsion given the former GOP governor’s stubborn refusal to explain his decisions until forced to so by a massive public backlash.

And while the statement from Malkin is to be predicted, given her complete and utter disdain for O'Reilly having been summarily dismissed from co-hosting and appearing and guest-pundit on his program, one has to wonder what she would say about the very real fact that this morning Fox & Friends completely glossed over the issue and essentially excused Huckabee for his ignorance as well. Michelle seems to have no problem appearing on their program.

The resulting internal fighting within the conservative movement as a result of the tragedy in Seattle in a microcosm of what their ideology will and won't allow. If your a conservative and you make a poor decision that results in death, you will be given a platform to make excuses and shift blame. However, this isn't without reprocussions from the finge elements within your party. But they are just as willing to be hypocritical and allow many within their ranks to act in equally wretched manners and give them a complete pass.

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