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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prayers Of The Right

The use of prayer, no matter what religious dogma you identify with, has always fascinated me. Some people pray for safety, success in an endeavour, or even wealth and prosperity. In more ways than can be enumerated at present, the bulk of "Christians" within America often are quite selfish in their prayers, though they believe that these will be off-set by offering prayers that would potentially benefit someone else.

Fox"Nation" is a crystal-clear example of not only conservative hypocrisy, but of how "christian prayer" is used as a blessing of life a prosperity as well as a literal summons for death upon a person.

The later would seem to run counter to the very nature of conservatives, that they stand for the what is right and just in God's eyes. More often than not you will here a conservative reference scripture, or at the very least the will of God and what it means to obey the Bible. But when you see and hear them pray for the death of Obama, and attempting to rationalize biblical scripture that they obviously know nothing about, it's rather difficult to accept their plea that people should pray for the health and safety of one of their own.

As for me, I will not pray for Rush to be safe or to fall prey to any illness. I don't think anyone should simply because he has never shown that he is capable to offering a prayer to anyone but himself. If he succumbs to an illness, a heart attack, or death by any other means, it will surely be stated that liberals/progressives wished this upon him and will rejoice in his passing. And to a small margin, that may be true. But the overriding factor is that Rush Limbaugh is more of a God in the eyes of conservatives than the God they claim to have pledged their life to.

For those that believe, prayer is a very powerful thing. For those of use that are skeptical, that are more grounded in the reality of life as it is, we see people using prayer now more than ever as a malevolent style of hate-speech designed to divide and not unite as the God in the bible would have it be used for. So for conservatives to complain that liberals/progressives aren't praying that Limbaugh remain healthy, I would ask them this - why should we pray for someone such as him? What has he done in the eyes of his God that would grant him favor in Heaven?

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