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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Context, Revisionist History, And A Maddow Retort

In more ways than one, Racheal Maddow has the chops and the know-how than anyone on MSNBC, sometimes even Olbermann, and this segment highlights why this is so.

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The way in which conservative politicians, former officials of the Bush administration, and their mouth-agape followers use the spectre of terrorism to tilt the playing field is quite spectacular at times.

Some people are trying to campaign off of terrorist attacks much in the way Bush did in 2004 while others are attempting to show that since Obama didn't immediately make a grand, theatrical statement that this means he is soft of terrorism and putting our country at great risk.

And while context, honesty, and an acceptance of even recent history is a foreign concept to most conservatives, it still boggles the mind how so many in our country can fall for even a portion of what they attempt to pass off as fact.

In many ways, conservatives rely on manipulating people's perceptions of events. Does anyone remember all the Jack Bauer "24" references that seemed to be endlessly streaming in from Fox"News" and various other conservative media outlets? That's how they want you to perceive that American intelligence agents work, that everything is just like a fictitious spy film or television program. They want you to believe that everything can be wrapped up in a tight timeline with action, intrigue, and the good guy nabbing the al Qeada operative and getting the girl at the end. They molest people's perceptions to such an extent that the perspective is shifted and that person suddenly has no idea where they are anymore.

This is the mission of the conservative and the media actors that carry their message into millions of homes every day.

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Holy you are on a roll lately or I haven't been reading your stuff closely enough. Great post.

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