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Friday, December 4, 2009

Bumbling Your Way Into Our Hearts Every Weekday

Whenever Elizabeth Hasselbeck attempts to tackle a weighty subject, it is often akin to a young boy trying to unsnap his first bra clasp, or attempting to open a jar of pickles with your elbows. It's difficult to watch and futile in many regards. So, when she decided to take on the issue of same-sex marriage with Ellen Degeneres' wife Partia, it didn't end well for Hasselbeck at all.

Just knowing that Elizabeth is a mother is quite shocking at times. It's almost a given that she has some form of stay-at-home childcare so that she can attend to her duties of conservative "pretty-girl" and stalk Sarah Palin and swoon over Sean Hannity whenever she is called on to do so. But what is truly frightening is the reality that her children will begin to see the world as she does. To be the child of conservative parents in todays world is a very frightening concept.

1 comment:

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh Elizabeth makes me crazy too because she genuinely believes the balloon juice she is spouting. But I disagree with you. I hope her children never do lose that glazed over look and stay as clueless and out of touch as their mother. Its a worse thing to find out through your own reading and life experience that gays and blacks and democrats are not as scary as they were made out to be in your childhood. It took me years to get my mother to drop some of her old school ways and enter the age of electricity. Now she surfs the web and watched the 'fagalits' and 'lazabeams' (as she calls them) on all those design shows. Unless Elizabeth educates her kids at home near an Amish community we can always hope that they bring a black boyfriend or lesbian girlfriend home one Thanksgiving from college. Just to see her squirm would be retribution enough for me.

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