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Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Conservatives continued rationalizations of open war against other countries has taken a new turn as many are now insisting that Obama's Nobel acceptance speech in Oslo is essentially the same as the "Bush Doctrine" - you know, that pesky thing about "pre-emptive strikes" that Palin didn't know about and conservatives claim didn't exist until just recently.

- Not surprisingly, wingnuts are now decrying James Cameron's magnum-opus "AVATAR" nothing more than preachy, PC, left-wing, indoctrination. One thing that these people can't seem to grasp is the fact that films, while often containing messages and themes taken from the world around us, aren't nearly as sinister as they are made out to be. I can't think of one person that has gone to see this movie that has suddenly become hell-bent on destroying the entire conservative political establishment. God only knows what these people think when they watch the Air Bud movies.

- Liz Cheney was on Fox"News" Sunday ( again ) doing her best impersonation of her father during a discussion of Obama's speech at Oslo while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. It's rather odd to see someone who, along with her father, has essentially accused Barack Obama of treason and been given repeated platforms on an allegedly "fair and balanced" network to do so and then turns around and ham-fisted insists that a large portion of Obama's speech was bashing the CIA.

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