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Monday, December 14, 2009

Against Banks Before They Were For Them

Conservatives across the nation have suddenly discovered a new way to counter any argument put forth toward them in response to financial regulatory reform: "Why do you hate Capitalism so much?". It's not even a clever way of deflection in order to keep from answering the question. It is, at best, a clear signifier that they clearly don't understand the question to begin with and/or have little to know idea what Capitalism is to begin with.

Today, one of the top stories amongst conservatives, primarily their chief water-carriers at Fox"News" - as well as their counterpart that doesn't even bother to cover up their abject ignorance, blatant and unflinching fringe-bias, racism, and teabagging roots: The Fox"Nation" - is Obama's clear and correct assertion that banking CEOs are playing fast and loose with money that they don't rightfully deserve:

I can still hear people within the conservative movement talking about how banks that were bailed-out should have just failed. They were fully prepared for the entire financial structure within America to come tumbling down on top of them, and now they are suddenly in favor of the same CEOs that they cast aside a year ago filling their coffers with tens of millions of dollars in bonuses. Bonuses that reflect what? That's the question that should be asked - why do they deserve this?

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