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Sunday, December 20, 2009

An Interesting Year

A great deal has happened in just 11 short months. So much has happened, in fact, that it's hard to keep track of all the insanity coming from conservatives.

I had jokes with several of my friends prior to Obama's inauguration that this was going to be an interesting year for conservatives, as they hadn't had to face any form of reality for 8 years while they were in power. All that time in control of America and it's future and they squandered our surplus, tarnished our image abroad, let our middle class shrink and the lower class expand, abused the use of our military, and did far more to repress liberties and freedoms than at any time in our nations history.

Conservatives had the bully pulpit and used it to talk more about themselves, how great they were, what a fantastic job they were doing while ignoring the needs of the nation and creating a climate of fear within their base, because who knew if we would be attacked again. And now that these people find themselves removed from the reigns of power, a whole new class of conservative has been born. The fringe, once small and largely ignored by the establishment conservatives, have increased exponentially since Jan. 20th. They make up more of the conservative movement, and it's easy to tell.

The teabaggers have successfully split the modern GOP and any chances of making substantial gains in the 2010 midterms have been reduced significantly. This isn't to say that partial gains aren't attainable, but the literally flipping of power from Democratic to GOP is most certainly off the table. But Democrats face challenges themselves, so now is not the time to rest on one laurels.

Every aspect of the Obama administration has been criticized as radical, anti-American, and growing a government that was out to destroy everyone it could. This has lead to emboldening and radicalization of militias and former members of the military. This is clearly illustrated by blogger and author , David Neiwert who's been tracking this activity and how threats against government officials and the President have increased to unheard of levels.

If you ask the average conservative, they would have you believe that within 11 short months all of our liberties and rights have been removed, even though they can't name one that has disappeared. They would have you believe that Obama is guilty of treason, that they have always opposed government spending, that hoping and even praying that Obama fails in every aspect of his presidency is patriotic. Conservative hypocrisy has increased to such massive levels that it's almost hard to keep up.

I wonder what next year holds for us?

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