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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- I'm never shocked and occasionally satisfied ( as it verifies the stereotype surrounding them ) when I see the conservative movement continually show itself as an isolationist movement. So when former governor and garage band enthusiast Mike Huckabee continues this strain of thought, it makes one wonder if he says things like this to get back into the good graces of those within the fringe after the revival of his clemency affair.

- It's one thing to show that children are adversely affected by unaffordable healthcare, but when you completely distort the reality of sex education and portray children as the victims of deviant sexual indoctrination, that's a whole new level of pathetic. For anyone that has gone through sex education in schools in the late 80s like I did ( in grade school mind you ) there really wasn't such an outcry when children learned about oral sex and "ass-to-mouth" from C. Everitt Coop.

- I live in a part of the country that thinks Reagan was the second coming of Christ, that believes that Obama is a secret Muslim, and honestly believes that "teh gay" can be cured. So it was with great interest that I watch Rachel Maddow interview the man that claims that a good hug-and-cuddle will keep you straight and narrow.

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