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Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- With the ever growing anger fueled by ignorance and fear of being proven wrong, the alleged "Climategate" non-story has taken on a more interesting tone as another break-in at the Canadian Centre For Climate Modeling. But an even more darker turn, as no reported by anyone in the mainstream American press - that's including you Fox"News' - is that the Russian Secret Service may be behind the initial hack/theft from England.

- In another example of how Senate Republicans are not taking the healthcare debate seriously at all, they have now introduced an amendment that would require the President, his staff, and all members of Congress to be part of the Public Option should it pass. Obviously stemming from the debunked theory that language in the initial legislation would not require any member of Congress or the President and his staff, Republicans thought they had won a small victory until they were called out on their trickery by Al Franken.

- Even after some of her most specious claims have been proven to be either false of severely misleading, I'm still aghast at the fact that so many conservatives are willing to follow this Sarah Palin. Her "book tour", nothing more than a chance for her to rebuff some of her critics in the media and those within the McCain campaign who are finally able to let the world know what it was like to work with her. Not once have we heard any sort of substantive policy argument from her, as she is literally nothing more than a talking-point vomiting puppet. Should she excel to the level of Presidential candidate, we are going to see such a divide within the GOP like we have never seen before, and it's already getting worse as the months go by.

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