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Monday, December 28, 2009

Absent From Their Eyes Means Absent From Duty

After the failed Christmas Day terror attack on the NorthWest airline in Detroit, conservatives have been complaining about Obama being in Hawaii on vacation. A Washington Times article has been referenced as a centerpiece posting on Fox Nation and people there are having a field-day.

The only problem with this line of thinking, that Obama is ignoring important national security measures, is that it is patently false and only serves to rally the fringe elements within the conservative movement. Once again, no basis of fact is no obstacle for them.

Perhaps they should remember all the vacations that Bush took prior to Sept. 11th 2001, in which one of those days he had delivered to him the paper that should have helped prevent the worst terrorist attack on America - had he actually paid attention to it.

But to conservatives, if the President doesn't leap when they tell him to then something must be wrong - he's "strangely silent" as many conservatives have said on Twitter lately. The flip-side is that if he speaks continually and consistently then he's "campaigning" an not focusing. Obama can't win with conservatives so why should we be expected to meet them even halfway?

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