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Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Sense Of Direction

There’s lots of talk amongst conservatives about who/whom are Left, Right, Centrist, Independent, Radical, or even Moderate. But one thing is sure – none of them have any real sense of who they are at any given moment in history. Take for example one of the teabaggers favorite Senators, Jim DeMint

To the left? The left of whom? Micheal Savage maybe? Perhaps McCarthy?

But what DeMint really means is that he just doesn’t agree with true Republican theory and ideology. The bedrock principles of the Republican party are fiscal responsibility, a strong family unit, and national defense. To people like DeMint, claiming that someone is to the left of you really means that they just don’t like you, your ideas, or even the fact that those ideas have benefited the country. It’s more of a catch-all statement designed distract from the fact that conservatives have no plan, no ideas, and therefore, no relevance in the national discussion.

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