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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Power Of Prayer

This has my vote for greatest call-in to CSPAN for 2009.

Praying for someone to fail, someone to die, someone to not wake up in time, or for someone to look like a blithering idiot does tend to go against the very nature of Christian prayer, doesn't it? But, that's the the observations of a neo-Christian progressive that happens to be living in one of the reddest areas of America.

I'm actually wondering what this caller has gleaned from his "prayer circles" over the years. Has he had his fridge mysteriously restocked with Bud-Light every Friday night without having to go to the store? Has his wife kept the kitchen clean and had dinner hot and ready once he unstraps his boots? Moreover, what and whom was this man praying for to begin with?

Of course, the spin on this at the moment is that the "prayer" was that someone would miss their alarm-clock warning on this, but the subtle implications range from death to accidents to even falling prey to a seizure and losing the ability to be present to vote. Sure, the words "let's all prey that Senator Byrd dies so his vote is lost" weren't used, but asking people to pray so that the legislative process can end doesn't exactly polish the image of Christianity.


Dr. Zaius said...

That is actually quite sad that a member of the caller's "teabag group" died, but the irony of the caller's words are as sharp as a knife.

aironlater said...

Actually Senator Inhofe didn't die - he's just hiding in shame after embarrassing himself and his teabagging enthusiasts in Copenhagen.

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