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Friday, December 11, 2009

If Bachman Were A Member Of Flock Of Seagulls

Meet Lynne Torgerson.

Call her "Bachman part II" and you're not too far off. Having decided to throw her hat back into the ring for a second chance at holding political office, Torgerson is constructing her platform primarily on anti-Muslim sentiment and attempting to show that Rep. Kieth Ellison is a radical that can't be trusted.

Torgerson said she won’t seek endorsement by a political party this time around. (Barb Davis White, who challenged Ellison last year as the Republican endorsee, will again attempt to unseat him next year.) That’s partly why she describes herself as a “stateswoman,” rather than as a “politician” — the kind of candidate who she says too often toes a party line rather than stands for deeply held principles.

Her views on Islam dominate the “Issues” page at her new campaign website, but they weren’t what Republican and Independence party officials remembered about her when MnIndy asked.

She'll likely make a big splash with the teabaggers in her area, but her willingness to be both unblushingly discriminatory AND ignorant don't speak well of her as a person nor as an American. Couple that with the fact that she does appear to be fashioning herself after Michelle Bachman and it doesn't speak well of women politicians in Minnesota in general.

Admittedly, Torgerson knows little to nothing about Muslim faith and sees that discrimination against those that practice Islam is just fine, as she sees it as more of an "ideology" than a religion.

Perhaps she should take a second look at the Bible she apparently loves so dearly and then rethink her position.

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