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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Validation Of The Dunces

Why is Obama Administration caving to Fox”News” / Tea-Bagger demands?

I can understand the logic behind “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”, but the Obama administration really needs to stop validating the inane ramblings of Glenn Beck and his drooling band of tea-bagging sychopants.

The White House on Tuesday shook-up its communications team, with Anita Dunn stepping down and an aide taking over President Barack Obama's vaunted messaging machine.
Dan Pfeiffer will become White House communications director and Dunn will became an outside adviser to Obama's White House, officials said. They expect the full transition to take place before the end of the year.
The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss personnel decisions that had not yet been announced.

What precisely is their rationale behind this? After all, it does nothing but create the illusion that Fox and their nation of fringe-conspiracy theorists are credible sources of information. Their incessant gloating will only be amplified because of this decision. But who’s decision was it?

Is this Anita Dunn taking one for the team so that this issue will go away? Because it’s not going away. The Obama administration could ressurect Christ, Ronald Reagan, and General Patton and conservative prattle-heads would concoct some sophomoric rumor. They would insist that Jesus was getting the White House press pool drunk on wine before press-conferences, that Reagan was being silenced, and that Patton was too far to the left now and wanted to tone down our presence in Afganistan.

What is the logic in this? I could kind of understand why Van Jones left, but the rank hypocrisy with which the conservative media has gone after Dunn simply boggles the mind

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