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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Rip-Off feat. The Judybats and Led Zeppelin

While many bands have used Zeppelin as a jumping off point, a band of inspiration, The Judybats track "Being Simple" is a little too close to Zeppelin's classic "The Rain Song" to just be coincidental.

Check out the Judybat's guitar riff in Being Simple

And now, in it's original for from Zeppelin:


Parrotlover77 said...

Well, as I'm sure you probably know, Zep ripped off a fair amount of musicians themselves. I'm not an anti-zep guy. In fact, I love Led Zeppelin because I feel the totality of their music and performance is so much more than a few borrowed riffs or lines of poetry. Plus, they made good on it later on, settling quite a few law suits and making quite a few people a lot of money from it.

So I'd give the Judybats a break about the similar riff. But I won't give them a break for sucking. I'll take The Rain Song anyday over that crap. If they are going to borrow riffs, they need to at least have a good song.

Here is how you steal a riff!

I actually didn't like that song very much at first, despite really digging everything else Chicane does. I think I was caught off gaurd by the smack in the face that was the 1980s riff. I digg it now!

aironlater said...


I've been a fan of Zep since grade school and never heard anything about any law-suits. Of course, I may have missed something. Will have to research this one.

Parrotlover77 said...

Refreshing my Zep history... It appears it was all settled out of court, so it probably never made it very far in the media. Especially at that time before E! and hoards of paparazzi followed stars around, waiting for them to be drunk or high and say something really stupid.

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