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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Reality Behind Caribou Barbie

Ever since the Newsweek cover featuring a photo of Sarah Palin from Runner's World sparked a firestorm of complaints from the reactionary conservative movement, the Right has been ablaze with accusations of "sexism".

But it was Michelle Malkin that let the mask slip just enough to let us know what Palin is really about.

Whatever the intentions of the left-wing Newsweek editors, I think Sarah looks fabulous.

Newsweek’s weasels found a way to evade responsibility for their rank sexism by using a photo of a real Palin doll in schoolgirl regalia.

And within Malkin's statement lies the truth.

This isn't sexism, it the reality of conservatives iconography. The conservative movement loves someone with "looks", someone that can be posed, someone with a gimmick - just like a doll. She's attractive, easily manipulated, and will say whatever you want her to. Carrie Prejean is a favorite of conservatives for this exact same reason.

But, the fallout comes when those that you have deified actually start to believe what they are being told to say.

To be fair, though, it would be complete inappropriate to assume that Palin doesn't believe some or most of what she's saying. The real issue here is does she understand, does she comprehend the things that she says and realize the effect that they are having on the conservative movement. The reason that this should be asked is because of her very real power to kill the Republicans chances of winning, should she step back into the political fray. And you'd be fooling yourself to think that she wouldn't.

The Republican party has no place for a woman like Meghan McCain. She only fits a minor amount of the criteria to be considered a full-fledged voice of conservative ideology. Yes, she's attractive, but she appears - at least to me - to exercise enough of her own will without being too influenced by what others might think of her.

It may not be the most acceptable way to point this out, but conservatives have created this beast with which they now must wrestle. They created the Palin icon out of the very nature that drives them. And now that people are slowly realizing this, and talking about it, conservatives aren't quite sure how to excuse their own problems with reality. So, in turn, they pretend that they are the victims.

1 comment:

themom said...

Of course Sarah Palin believes EVERYTHING she says. The same as that Prejean character. Since so many have come out, exclaiming the "lies" of this book - I'm sure SP will make up something else she can truly believe, in defense of her statements.

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