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Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- As is to be expect, Sarah Palin is in full-on "quit picking on me"' mode now that her book is being scrutinized by not only the public, but various members of the media. She's upset that the AP is fact-checking the assertions that she ( and her ghostwriter ) made in her memoir. Why does she think that we are to simply take her at her word? This is, after all, the woman that quit her job rather than finish out her term as Governor of Alaska, that was famous for either making things up or acting like a bumbling freshman during the campaign. She, and all of her drooling sychophants, intend on using the "you can't question a woman - that's sexist" stance in order to deflect any questions. And Fox"News" is more than happy to carry that water for her as long as they can.

- There is nothing more pathetic than people that continually deny the well-recorded history of this country. And that definately extends to the reactionary conservative tea-bagger set. What is it about honesty that they can't grasp. Do they not realize that their conservative Jesus, Ronald Reagan, actually offered amnesty to illegal immigrants and had to deal with 10.2%unemployment?

- It's always fun to see conservative Republicans scurry away from their fearmongering talking-points on healthcare when it comes to light that the very things they are using as a weapon is actually part of their own package. The "death panel" meme that was so pervasive several months ago has shown up in the RNC's own healthcare plan. That's right, they offer "end-of-life" counciling. Woops.

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