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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thy Clearance Bin Overfloweth

It's no suprise to those that understand the nature of conservative book publishers, the NYT Bestseller List and the closely guarded "List of Top Purchasers" that the market has literally been flooded with Sarah Palin's* book. But have you seen the suggested retail price on this.

It's almost $30!

Likely sensing that the average consumer, Palin fanatic or not, wouldn't be so willing to pay such an exhorbonent amount for what amounts to nothing more than 400 pages of "stop making fun of me!" material.

And it's not just conservative publications that are practically giving it away ( as they do with literally every right-wing ream of paper that is churned out ) large retailers are in a price-matching war to get rid of their stock. dropped price from list price of $28.99 to $10, then to $9 and below as other retailers matched it. On October 15, began offering preorders of Going Rogue, along with nine other new book releases, for $10. After reportedly matched the price, "str[uck] back, slashing its prices to $9" [AOL Daily Finance, 10/16/09]. Amazon also dropped its price to $9 [, 10/19/09]. joined in the price war, prompting to drop its price further [The New Yorker, 11/9/09]. By November 5, was selling the book for $8.98, was selling it for $8.99, and Amazon was selling it for $9. The respective retailers were still selling the book at those prices as of November 16. All three retailers give the book's list price as $28.99.

More from Media Matters.

There likely isn't anything overtly special about this book, other than it was written in such a short period of time and has the entirity of the conservative movement in such an uproar that even saying the title causes twitchy genuflection and paranoia that Beck or Limbaugh may be monitoring what is being said.

As for me, I'm not about to buy this at any cost. Although, I do plan on doing my own personal review of it. I'm going to simply wait for it to hit my library next week or just pluck it from the give-away bin at my local Goodwill. It's probably not even worth stealing.

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