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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fear That They Don't Feel

Ever since the Obama adminstration's Justice Department decided to try 5 Sept 11th terrorist in NYC Federal Court, the collecting, mouth-agape, shrieks from the entirity of the Republican party has drowned out any semblance of rational discourse.

But now that former members of the Bush administration Justice Department are backing Eric Holder's plan, it would appear that Republicans will have to consider the very real fact that they are now against people that they once stood hand-in-hand with.

The reality of the situation is this - there have been nearly 150 terrorists tried and convicted in the US Federal Court system. That's a pretty impressive track record that conservatives are ignoring. To them, they see this as a golden opportunity to fearmonger and stoke the fires of willful ignorance within members of the electorate that would rather be told what to think than exercise any brainpower.

If conservatives think that this trial will make NYC a target, did they not think the same for the GOP convention in Minneapolis last year? Certainly there's going to be media attention, but what about all the rallies that McCain and Palin held last year - were they not potential targets as well for terrorist action?

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