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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They Would Favor A Loss Without Purity

In a recent CNN poll, it appears that a majority of Republicans questioned would actually prefer a purely ideological candidate, even if it meant losing on election day.

The poll indicates that a slight majority, 51 percent, of Republicans would prefer to see the GOP in their area nominate candidates who agree with them on all the major the issues even if they have a poor chance of beating the Democratic candidate. Forty-three percent of Republicans say they would rather have candidates with whom they don't agree on all the important issues but who can beat the Democrats.

So, what does this say of the modern Republican electorate?

Well, for starters it is a clear signifier that they will completely rule out the bipartisanship that they have been shouting for these past months. Tell me, how many times have you heard people like Boehner and McConnell whining about how they have all these great ideas and no one wants to hear what they have to say? I don't recall their right to deliever their ideas being cut off in any way. Could it be that they aren't really wanting bipartisanship, but a return to their untethered idiocy that was the root cause of multiple problems here in America?

And what are all the "major issues" concerning not just Republicans, but the conservatives that made up a large portion of those polled?

Considering that rhetoric of some of the conservative movements most prominent voices, it would have to be completely denying any form of rationale healthcare reform, privitizing Social Security and Medicare, as well as completely walling off America from Mexico and profiling anyone that isn't white and votes Democratic.

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