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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Revisionist Attacks

Here's a brief bit of silliness to jump-start your brain this morning

I'll pass on Hannity's and Perino's assertion that the Obama administration simply doesn't think that terrorism doesn't exist anymore, but will address it shortly. What is puzzling about this clip is what Perino says about her former employer, George W. Bush.

In point of fact, there were three terrorist attacks during the Bush administration. We all readily recognize Sept. 11th as a terrorist attack, but what conservative Republicans are conveniently forgetting are the Anthrax attack and the DC Sniper. But their own definition of what terrorism is requires that they describe the Anthrax attacks and the DC Sniper incidents as acts of terrorism.

But this doesn't fit the new reality that people like Perino and Dick Morris are fashioning. The conventional wisdom within the fringe conservative movement is that nothing bad happened to America during Bush's term. To them, Bush didn't start governing until Sept. 12th, and it was readily apparent that Bush stopped governing the day after Obama was elected.

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