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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Celebrating A Suicide

I'm filing this one directly in the "I'm not buying it for a second" bin.

Conservatives are all in a collective, joyous, embrace now that Kentucky State Police are claiming that Bill Sparkman - a Kentucky State Census worker - committed suicide.

There's only one problem that I have with this - this doesn't add up.

Perhaps this is my jaded nature shining through, but think of the verified reports that came out after Sparkman's body was discovered in the Daniel Boone National Forest area: hands and feet bound AND "hanging" from a tree. The former wouldn't be possible if the later was done either before or after. It's impossible to be in that position unless someone else was there.

What really concerns me most about this is that the final report is exceedingly vague in presenting the "facts" surrounding the case. But the overriding factor within all this is that it's highly likely that KSP and the FBI were concerned with what would happen not only in Kentucky, but around the nation, should it be brought to light that this was a murder.

The life-insurance policy is the only component of this that does tend to lend a modest amount of credibility to the final reporting. Was this the sole piece of "evidence" that led investigative officials to rule suicide rather than murder? It's possible.

Another sickening aspect of this is conservatives are actually rejoicing over this man's suicide. Of course, this was initially cloaked in "concern" for the man's family, but now that they feel it is acceptable to use Sparkman's death as a new talking point, be prepared to deal with their idiocy for months to come.

Still, I'm not buying the final reporting - not one bit.

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