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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doctored Audio?

Fox"News" is known to selectively edit footage in order to favor their prefered message of the moment. But take a listen to the audio in this and tell me this this doesn't seem a little suspicious.

To me, this is an obvious overdub of audio in order to make it look like Pelosi is agreeing that people should be jailed if they don't purchase health insurance. And Fox"Nation" is peddling this as a lead headline.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but the audio levels just don't synch-up and that - to me - is just very suspect.


Quasar said...

You don't overdub Pelosi to make her look like an idiot, she does that very well on her own.

aironlater said...

Way to raise the bar with your political wit. Calling Pelosi an idiot, wow, your family must be so proud. Is that all you tea-baggers have got, lame jokes about Nancy Pelosi? I'm just hoping that I don't really have to point out that it's the reporters audio that appears to be overdubbed. Wait, maybe I do have to point that out.

Quasar said...

Whoa...not the snarky tea-bagger comment.
You don't know a damn thing about me. I am a democrat who happens to disagree with Ms. Pelosi's Soviet style politics.
You invite comments on your website and then attack the commenters with whom you disagree.

aironlater said...

I know enough about you now from your responses. Do you really think that Pelosi is really a communist? have you ever lived in a communist country? You were not attacked, your ill-informed statement was. So don't try and play the victim card here.

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