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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- On this Veterns Day, it's important to not only look at what the brave men and women of the Armed Forces have done for this country, but what we should do for them once their time in the service is completed. It's relevant to note that last year over 2200 veterans died because of lack of healthcare coverage.

- In a moment of weakness, Britt Hume let loose with a flash of honesty on Bill O'Reilly's Fox"News" program recently by correcting Bill and stating that a plurality of Americans ( at least 55% ) prefer healthcare reform with a public option. One can only speculate what people like Hannity, Beck, and Fox"News" figure-head Roger Ailes thought of Hume's off-script ad-lib.

- Is it a suprise to anyone that Fox"News" would edit in footage to make a gathering of slobbering conservatives look larger than it really is?

- One would think that people wouldn't assumption that anyone that isn't from this country is a terrorist. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

- The Prejean book tour and masturbation seminar continued recently with the former Miss California touting that she is going through the same thing as Sarah Palin. It's likely that Carrie is attempting to capitalize on Palin's own rock-star status and hope that by some form of creepy osmosis that she will be seen in the same light. Has anyone noticed the creepy "Stepford Wife" way in which Prejean presents herself in whenever she does interviews?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

last i read, one out of every 4 homeless person in my city is a veteran, and that includes the street kids that choose to be on the street for "kicks"...and if they don't have a home, chances are they aren't getting healthcare...

as for prejean? she has "michelle-eye-syndrome", like bachmann and malkin....i watched clips of her on viera, king, the view and hannity (i was that bored) and it was the very same gestures and movements with each memorized phrase...the same questions were asked and she was always holding up her book with a smile, vanna white-style...she's a pageant girl..."toddlers & tiaras" is a scary, scary show...

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