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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Reality Of Celebrity

This will be the one and only posting I make about Tiger Woods.

For those of us able to see past the endorsements, the slightly elevated skill level in a sport that - from my point of view - requires little "skill" to begin with, and the overall aura of "majesty" that the media at large has place on this man, Tiger Woods is no more important than any man in any "sport".

Having said that, and having heard the 911 call, and having learned that he refused - yes, REFUSED - to be interviewed by police, I have to say that this man has actually managed to become more of a pathetic piece of work that I initially thought.

And while I am not alone in this, let me just say that this is born out of his overall attitude and lack of professionalism on multiple levels. But certainly, one is likely to be overcome with a sense of megalomania once the media latches onto you.

But let's just see what happens when the average American refuses to be quesitoned by police. It's certainly not going to play out the way it did with Woods.

All the media apologists need to get their priorities in line when it comes to something like this. He will have to pay for what he has done, period. The world will continue whether his wife stays with him or not. There are far more important things in this world than celebrity.

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