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Monday, November 23, 2009

Partiots In Action

Don't you just love the good, Christian nature of conservatives?

At a recent townhall meeting in Illinois saw a woman openly heckled when discussing a death within her family that was directly linked to the lack of quality, affordable healthcare.

The Chicago Teaparty Patriots seem to think that laughing in the face of death is good for the country

Catherina Wojtowicz, organizer of the teabaggers at the townhall that day, excused the beahvior of her fellow ingrates by claiming that the story was fabricated and that people travel from townhall to townhall and relay false stories like this and cry to garner sympathy.

But it's was Wojtowicz said next that really put the teabagger movement into perspective:

The audience, Wojtowicz later explained, was exasperated by stories of isolated tragedies that cloud debate over the health care bill itself.

Isolated incidents? Apparently hey think that nearly 45,000 deaths a year due to lack of healthcare/proper care are all isolated incidents

This shows that the health and wellbeing of the American people is that last thing on the agenda of not just the teabaggers, but the whole of the modern conservative movement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The uninsured cost all Americans money including the tea-baggers: Lost productivity and tax revenues. Emergency room and hospitalization expenses. Also some of the uninsured will survive to be 65 and get Medicare where many will have chronic health problems caused by untreated high blood pressure and diabetics.

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