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Monday, November 23, 2009

How Does One Articulate Idiocy?

Everytime I hear someone claim that Palin is "real", that she is a "breath of fresh air", or that she somehow taps into what is "real" in America, I often wonder what they would have to say when asked questions about Palin's stance on the issues.

Somebody give this guy a show, please.

Seriously, citizen journalism is head-and-shoulders above 90% of what passes for "news programs" on television today. But that aside, what about these Palin fanatics?

Is it just me or do most of the people sound like this:

This is the reason that straight-forward answers from people like Palin aren't required by Fox"News", conservative bloggers, and their rabidly twitchy followers - because they lack the ability to understand and accept them. They favor glittering generalities and easily memorized talking-points that even a third grader could recite in that cute voice that conservative clamour for.

This isn't a beauty pageant where the prettiest wins, where the sweetest answer wins, this is real life. And it's easy to see and understand that Palin's supporters know as much about real life as she does.

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