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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- And the teabaggers are set to beseige DC once again. Over the last 48 hours, Michelle Bachman has rallied her ill-informed, mouth-agape, masses into another twitching later over healthcare reform. It makes one wonder how exactly these people are able to just pack-up and run to Washington each and every time Congress has a sit-down. It has been postulated that some, perhaps many, are unemployed and that their blathering fist-pumping is somewhat hypocritical as they are using public unemployment benefits. But moreover, it's a fair assumption that some are also drawing Social Security and Medicare benefits, another example of the Socialist structure that they claim to rage against. It would be an interesting set of polling data that someone really needs to examine.

- While conservatives continue their diefication of Ayn Rand, one has to wonder why these people would rally behind a person that was a avowed athiest. And not only that, but these same people that wave copies of Atlas Shrugged in the air everytime Glenn Beck cries on television have no real sense of the "going Galt" meme that they threaten to perpetrate. The very idea behind it means that society will faulter if they simply quit their jobs, quit using the skills that they have cultivated over their lives. The question is this - what do any of these reactionary conservatives truly have to offer this country? Will America really be reduced to a Dark Ages landscape if Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissey, Mary Katherine Ham, and Glenn Beck just disappear?

- Are conservatives really going to gain anything by winning the three elections they have continually ranted about with drooling anticipation? And while some are preparing for both the worst and the best by placing themselves outside the equation and "spinning the spin that hasn't even been spun" once the last vote is cast today, the bottom line is that today isn't a referendum on Obama, it's the continued manifestation of the GOP's identity crisis. I'm looking for Hoffman to lose and the conservative movement to make him into some martyr for the teabaggers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a very interesting look at the tea party express in portland oregon - in song form:

this was friday, oct 30, at 1pm...notice the crowd is mostly elderly folks - i can only assume the government hand-outs this band is singing against wouldn't apply to ANY of these folks, amirite?

also, on another ironic note, this little gathering took place in the parking lot of a "chicago-style" deli - marxist hots dogs complete with spicy mustard....

my captcha for this entry is "rebel" - no lie...


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