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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thoughts On The GOP Gameplan : As Of Today

So here's a list of what the incoming GOP majority in the Lower Chamber is planning.

1 - Read the Constitution aloud in order to pretend like they understand, accept, and have lived by it's very word, even though they only really became interested in it within the last two years.

2 - Investigations. Darrell Issa seems to be hell-bent on investigating as much of Obama's actions, legislative accomplishments, and his entire administration as possible. This was easily a predictable position for the modern conservative movement, as they have a far greater desire to smear Obama than to ensure our country continues to move forward.

3 - Repeal. Everything. Not content with looking at the far reaching ramification of repeal of the Affordable Care Act, conservatives are going to go full tilt in trying to repeal all of the accomplishments of the Obama administration, regardless of how they will affect the national debt, the deficit, or the future of our country. And if you think they have alternate ideas, you're fooling yourself.

4 - And speaking of the financial stability of our country, conservatives are none too concerned with default as they are in pushing the narrative that the Obama is responsible for the entire $14 trillion dollars in debt - or at least pretending that they ( Republicans like Reagan and both Bush's ) had absolutely nothing to do with it.

5 - Here's one that's really just starting to simmer - the "forever war" in Iraq and ultimately more of the Middle East. With a ramped-up "Christian Genocide" meme that has been threading its way through conservative media outlets, the "We Won In Iraq" storyline has all but disappeared. At this point, it appears that the war-hawks are getting that taste for blood again.

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