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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shaping The Study

Seems that the modern American right doesn't like gray areas, as they see the world in black and white terms - literally and figuratively.

This is no less true for studies regarding healthy eating. After all, the Right has to rail against healthy eating too since only Commie, Hippie, Marxist, Liberal, Gays opt to eat a salad over a deep fried slab of bacon covered in gravy.

The study in question is from TIME with the following title:

Study: Calorie Counts in Restaurants May Not Curb Eating Habits

But if you venture over to Fox"Nation" - who links to the study - the title reads a little differently:

Study: Calorie Counts at Restaurants Don’t Change Eating Habits

The modern American Right could certainly use a lesson in the use of English language, as there is a world of difference between a definative word like "Don't" and one that is suggests nuance like "May".

But then context and Right Wing ideology never really meshed all that well to start with.

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