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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Thoughts On The Loughner Timeline

Conservative are all in a twitchy rage that Jared Loughner became disgruntled with Gabby Giffords back in 2007 - before Palin and before the Tea Baggers.

Well, then why didn't he take after her then?

Seriously, what has transpired in the past 3+ years that would have amplified his already apparent rage?

- The rise of people like Palin and Beck who continually stoke the fires of anti-government sentiment

- The creation of the Tea Baggers ( funded/promoted in virtually exclusive fashion by conservative, corporate interests in order to stoke the aforementioned anti-government sentiment )

- Arizona becomes hot-bed of conservative rage in reference to immigration

- Fox"News" perpetuates specious claims about Democratic officials on a daily basis

- Conservative talk radio returns to Clinton era narratives and cranks up the volume to 11.

All this BEFORE the creation of Loughner's YouTube clips on a page that was created less than four months ago.

Is anyone else not noticing this or even talking about this?

This notion that recent events within the American socio-political landscape had nothing to do with Loughner's actions don't mesh with reality in the least.

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