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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Tale Of Two Arizona Sheriffs

Strange that I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but has anyone else noticed that the Right have embraced an Arizona Sheriff with noted Far-Right ties while attacking an Arizona Sheriff for claiming that Far-Right rhetoric is dangerous?

The current headline at Fox"Nation" - where a plurality of posts since Saturday have either been about protecting Palin or demonizing anyone that wants to look at how Right Wing violent language could be to blame - is about a call to have Sheriff Dupnik resign. Fox"News" is also on the beat, calling him a Far-Left Sheriff.

Odd that the same people that chastise this man for doing his job - that is to look into every possible option, even ones that don't sit well with some of the voting public - are openly defending Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

( Aside: while the links in question do book-end one another quite nicely, considering they are from the same sources, it would appear that O'Reilly is attempting to justify and excuse the actions of the Right - where like threats are certainly being leveled at Sheriff Dupnik - by saying "hey, the other side does this too". Equivalency is such a stupid game. )

Where's the logic in a Sheriff in Arizona that is linked with Neo-Nazis gets a pass from the Right and Fox"News" while Sheriff Dupnik gets bombarded by the Right for insisting that violent rhetoric has consequences?

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