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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Because He Knows

Pay close attention to this clip, because Beck lets us all know that he is finally becoming "aware", but then jumps right in and does what he's paid to do.

Yeah, who is "using" Giffords, Glenn?

His first reaction - "send someone to protect the kids". If nothing else, this shows that Glenn immediately knew that someone that disagreed with him was going to come after him because of what he is paid to do - create mistrust, fear, confusion, and distort accurately recorded history in order to push conservative narratives. He wasn't concerned with who was shot, if they were alive, dead, if there were more victims - he first thought that this would ultimately be about him. Thinking about the safety of others and to "pray" always comes second to someone like Glenn.

But it didn't stop there, as that's when his "professional" ( read: how can I use this on my show to blame the Left ) instincts kicked in and he thought "let's wait and see what everyone else does so we can use this against them, to make us look reasoned. Let everyone else report on/react to the story and once the dust starts to settle we will talk about how not reacting to/not reporting on the story is what makes us superior from a moral/journalistic/patriotic perspective.

This is nothing more than conservatives wanting others to do the heavy lifting, to jump through the hurdles that one faces during a quickly evolving story such as this. It's the perils of reporting to make quick decisions and make corrections on the fly when necessary.

And what the hell does Van Jones and Francis Piven and Communism have to do with what happened in Tuscon? Nothing. But that's how Beck's show works, to create connections between persons/actions that completely alter reality in order to create a new story designed to disorient and redirect attention - to cause fear and mistrust.

In classic form, Beck attempts - without any shred of evidence which he claims the Left lacked also - to have his viewership believe that Bill Sparkman, Joseph Stack, and Clay Duke are all characters of the Left. Of course, he is disregarding that it was an insurance company that claimed Sparkman committed suicide while disregarding evidence. Stack's own manifesto was anti-government agencies/anti-tax. Duke hated both political parties and referred at the mainstream media as "government sponsored". Do these sound like Leftists to you?

And what of Palin's map? If it really isn't the problem, why was is almost immediately scrubbed from the SarahPAC site, and why were her handlers claiming that those were actually "surveyor symbols" and not gun sights?

But credit where it's due - though I only think that Beck does this to cover his own widely documented instances of eliminationist rhetoric - Beck does state that Loughner didn't specifically mention Fox, MSNBC, Palin, himself, or anyone in particular as a person that he identified with even in a tangentical sense; at least not yet.

One can't but get the sense that Beck knows that he should admit that his words can/have/and will continue to inflame the rage within people - and words like those most likely had a part in what pushed Loughner close to his ultimate goal. One can't but realize that Beck will do one of two things once a few weeks or months have passed - that Loughner will become yet another example of "left wing offenders" that he can equate with Sparkman, Stack, and Duke in order to distort, confuse, and redirect his audience that are looking to be spoon fed a new set of talking points or that he will never speak of this story again, as it comes just a little too close to looking like a pure manifestation of his own anti-government rhetoric.

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