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Monday, January 3, 2011

Dumbest Quote Of 2010

While there were more than a handful of ridiculous blatherings from conservatives in 2010, it wasn't until the final days of that year that the ultimate idiocy came forward in unblushing platitudes.

From none other than Sean Hannity's second-favorite black man Eik Rush - calling himself the "Other Rush" with almost no sense of how laughably ironic that is - from the confines of the uber-fringe World Nut Daily.

It is more or less common knowledge among conservatives that the entertainment industry has done more than its share in abetting far-left social engineering in America. While I would certainly not be the first commentator to enumerate the multitudinous examples thereof, I did thoroughly analyze the machinations of film and television producers with respect to race issues since the 1970s in my book, "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America's Racial Obsession."

An interesting phenomenon has recently come to light, however, suggesting that at least one faction in Hollywood is attempting to directly influence public opinion as regards President Obama. If this is true, it goes far beyond simply carrying the water for those with whom they are ideologically kindred, as described in "Negrophilia."

The presidency of Barack Obama has been injurious to the image of black Americans in politics. Prior to his election, one of his glaring deficiencies was his lack of experience. While even his detractors realize that his race has nothing to do with his being an anti-American, Marxist scoundrel, one still has to consider the superficial associations people can make in this vein. I have stated that it's unfortunate that our first black president had to be a person of Obama's character, because he does represent a blemish on the legacy of black Americans. In the best-case scenario, he will wind up merely being a footnote: our first black president. The specter of the worst-case scenario is what has motivated and mobilized Americans toward thwarting his agenda.

As a result of the dim view this president has cultivated, and its potential cultural blowback, it appears that the producers of certain television shows might have come on board to effect damage control in this area. In order to to counter the perception of ineptitude that has come about associated with Obama and his lack of leadership skills, an effort seems to have been made to portray blacks in high places as competent leaders in dramatic roles.

Not a truncated quote by any means, but one that could use some examination.

First off, it's pretty much common knowledge to anyone with even a marginally functioning brain stem that this notion that Hollywood is out to destroy American with some anti-capitalist message is just pure hyperbolic nonsense that only people like Erik Rush would buy into.

Secondly, it's really telling of the type of person Erik Rush is, as he apparently considers himself "more black" than Obama, considers Obama "the wrong kind of black", or thinks his color means nothing even though his entire piece is predicated on the notion of race being ultimately "bad". If I'm off the mark in any or all of those assumption, he clearly has no clue what a Marxist is and insists on using that as a fill-in word for "bad", because it just sounds scary and makes the ignorant masses within the modern conservative movement cringe. And boy, are there a LOT of those.

But in the end, it appears that Rush is more in fear of how his "blackness" is going to be viewed because of the type of person Obama is both within and without the political realm. And his rationalization for this is that because a few television dramas have new characters that are black that there must be an entire movement within Hollywood that is going to "save" black people from Obama's legacy - or something.

How incredibly stupid is this man? Better yet, how is it that Erik Rush thinks that the bulk of black Americans are as stupid as him.

If anyone is guilty of regressive standpoints and causing any sort of "blowback", it's people like Erik Rush.

Have you ever seen him on Hannity? Is the "token black guy" brought on to show that there are "black conservatives" and is more than willing to play this part, even in the face of having to defend the racial animus that is vomited from Hannity himself and the Fox"News" network. Now this isn't to say that simply because he is black that he must act and react in a certain fashion to satisfy a particular stereotype, but you wouldn't expect a Jew to defend Mel Gibson would you? The same principle applies here.

This all goes back to this question I have continually asked myself - how could a black person ( especially a woman ) even consider aligning themselves with conservativism, particularly in it's modern form?

I continually see stories of "Hey, there really are black people at Tea Party rallies! LOOK?", like they are some gimmick to be used by Freedom Works, Fox, and Glenn Beck. But you know what, that's exactly how they are viewed by the bulk of the modern conservative movement, which is about as lily white as anything I have ever seen. That is what Erick Rush wants blacks in America to be - gimmicks to be used by a group of people that is a majority white just so he can make some preposterous point about how more blacks are turning to conservativism.

It's all just really sad and really dumb.

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