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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Conservative Minor League

Looks like John Roberts is getting "called up" from CNN to join Fox"News".

No, really....

Former CNN “American Morning” anchor John Roberts is expected to join FOX News Channel as a senior national correspondent, based in Atlanta.

He will be reporting on major domestic and international stories for the network.

In December, CNN announced that Roberts would be departing “American Morning,” and would instead be moving to the network’s Atlanta headquarters to be closer to his fiancee, CNN dayside anchor Kyra Phillips.

While Roberts will be in Atlanta, he will not be with CNN.

While Roberts had the ability to be a straight news reporter and leave his bias behind on virtually every occasion, one has to wonder why Fox would consider him for a "senior correspondent" position, as Fox's desire for ratings trumps their need for accuracy and honesty since Roberts' show "American Morning" had a massive decline in viewership over the last year.

What's the angle being played here? You know there has to be one.

One has but to look at CNN's recent history and you'll notice that they are giving a complete pass to conservative's hyperbolic rhetoric and generally ignoring any opportunity to hold those same people accountable.

Hell, they hired right-wing reactionary hack Erick Erickson for fuck sake.

Is Roberts going to be used as a pawn in the "people are fleeing liberal media outlets" meme that will surely be bolstered from this? More than likely, yes.

There is most certainly a bizarre logic behind this job placement that will ultimately only benefit those that write the talking points memos for Fox on-air personalities and the top executives - as there will likely be enough John King supporters out there that will tune in to see his first "field reports" to see how he differs from his CNN persona.

And that ultimately begs the question, doesn't it - is John King going to be a new man of his own desire once within the confines of Fox"News" payroll or his he going to be told that he has to be one?

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